Welcome to the Northern Presbytery Youth Ministry Page!

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 “Meet Together, Minister Together, Mission Together” 
This is our journey and vision for the youth ministry in Northern Presbytery. 


Welcome to the Northern Presbytery Youth Ministry Page. Here you will find information on upcoming youth events, important dates, regional services and more!


Around the region we have a large number of enthusiastic youth leaders who are passionate about growing God’s kingdom. These leaders plan, organise, and support our young people in a variety of ways. Leaders: encourage, disciple, inspire, teach, and provide youth with a sense of belonging and an understanding of who God is. Leaders also facilitate a space for youth to build lifelong friendships with each other and people from their local community.


There are also many events happening on both a local and regional scale – it would be great to see you there! If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the youth ministry in Northern Presbytery please feel free to contact Emma Page at: youthnorthernpresbytery@gmail.com


It is exciting to see the work God has already done in the lives of our young people – we look forward to seeing what He will do this year!

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