Christian Leadership Programme

Are you attending or connected to a Northern Presbytery church? Are you 17 or over and have an interest in completing a one-year diploma in Christian Studies?  This programme might be of interest!

We have a number of fantastic young adults and adults in Northern Presbytery who we want to support and nurture. That is why Northern Presbytery, in partnership with Laidlaw College, are offering The Christian Leadership Programme again for 2022. This programme will allow students to complete a one-year Diploma of Christian studies at Laidlaw College while interning at a Northern Presbytery church.

By taking part in this programme students will:
Complete a level 5 Diploma, equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor of Theology degree at Laidlaw College
Intern at a Northern Presbytery Church over one year
Take part in additional opportunities if they have a specific ministry interest
Be part of a Northern Presbytery cohort
Have additional support from a Laidlaw representative
Have support from a hosting church mentor throughout their internship
Have an external supervision provided by their interning church

Sponsorship is available for people in Northern Presbytery 

If you would like the youth coordinator and a Laidlaw representative share more about this programme with you in person, please send an email to: 

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Promo video 2022:

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Budget: Budget – The Christian Leadership Programme 2022

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