Easter Prayer Stations

Easter Egg Prayers

Have a bowl of Easter Eggs and a list of what each colour represents. Encourage people to take an egg and pray for what the colour represents.

Examples for the colours;

Green: Thank God for a good thing in your life

Blue: Pray for a friend or neighbour in need

Yellow: Pray for the leaders at your school, church and government

Red: Tell God something you are worried about or something you need help with

Take a Nail

Take a nail and dwell on Christ’s sacrificial love. As you hold the nail think on the nails being driven through Jesus’ flesh. Think of the pain He felt and remember why Jesus died on the cross. Think of the relationship we have with God and thank Jesus for his sacrifice.

Prayer Tree

Have paper leaves cut out and pens available. Create a trunk out of paper, cardboard or a tube.

Write down on the leaves what you are struggling with or feeling hurt about. Ask God to make create something beautiful out of the sorrow.

Candle Prayer

Have candles lit.

People will pick up a candle and blow it out. As they blow it out, hold the unlit candle and imagine the pain Jesus’ followers felt as he died.

Pray from those who are in pain, pray that Jesus will remind them of His love

Open Tomb Cookies

Take 2 super wines. Put icing on one cookie. Put the other cookie on at a 90 degree angle so it creates a capital T. Put a small Easter Egg in the center in front of the cookie standing up.

As these are being created CELEBRATE!!

Thank God that Jesus rose from the grave and express thanks to God for things you are grateful for in your life.