Hunua Easter Camp!

Hunua Easter Camp is for youth in years 7 – 10 at school that takes place over the Easter weekend. This camp is organised and run by a number of key youth leaders who belong to the Presbyterian Church, alongside the youth coordinator for Northern Presbytery.


This action packed camp allows young people to learn more about the Easter story, meet new friends, and take part in a variety of awesome activities. Hunua Easter camp also allows young leaders to develop their leadership skills in a practical way while serving God and deepening their faith. Our Hunua Easter Camp leaders are from years 11 and above so if you are interested we would love to have your application sent through! Please see the poster below for all the key details and if you would like more information please contact Emma Page: 021 184 7508 or


For all the info visit the Hunua Easter Camp website:


Hunua Easter Camp 2019