PYM’s Key Leaders Retreat

As a new initiative, PYM is inviting key youth leaders, who attended Connect 2019 to attend our Key Leaders Retreat in Queenstown for FREE.


We will pay for one key youth leader per Church. Additional key youth leaders or those who have not attended Connect 2019 can still attend the retreat for $199.


We acknowledge the essential work of “key” youth leaders within the church’s youth ministry. Key leaders, whether paid or volunteer, head up youth ministry, develop and lead teams and set curriculum. Research continues to show how vital the role of key leaders are in the health and effectiveness of a youth ministry. We continue to see youth ministries thrive when a key leader has been in the role for 5 to 7+ years. This key leader retreat is aimed at, gathering, acknowledging, refreshing and equipping key leaders from across the PCANZ.


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