Young Adult Commissioners Dunedin

The General Assembly is taking place this year in Dunedin, during the third week of November. For a number of years Presbyteries have sent a small number of young adult commissioners to The General Assembly. Over the years these young adults have had much to contribute in the decision making process of our church as it has moved forward. Many of these young adults have gone on to being major leaders within the Church. Six young adult commissioners have been confirmed from Northern Presbytery and will be attending the General Assembly. Take a look at their profiles below to learn more about them!

Abagail Flood: Papakura East Presbyterian Church

I have been part of Papakura East for coming up 6 years. In that time, I have been a youth leader, youth intern and am now the Youth Minister. I have/and still am preaching, song leading, worship leading and am currently an associate Elder. I already have a voice within my church and within the Eldership and I feel like this is the next step, the next experience for me.


It excites me just thinking about it and makes me love the church more! I am super excited about how the voices of the coming generation can have on the church and wait with anticipation on what they will bring.


Abby - GA 2

Alejandra Keppler: Massey Presbyterian Church

Massey Presbyterian Church has been a pillar in growing my faith and nurturing my relationship with God. 22 years of attendance, and serving from the ages of 14 to present day, with my ministry ranging from Sunday school, Leading worship, and now an active youth leader I feel confident in being a part of the Presbyterian family. To be allowed to serve my wider church ministry would be a great honour and experience that I would cherish.


The general assembly has always been an event that I have wanted to attend; to be history makers for the next generation. I feel as though the topics up for discussion are ones that I am passionate about, and look forward to heeding the lessons that are to be learnt.

Alejandra - GA 2

Joshua Dunne: Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Church

I am currently a PYM intern in my third year of internship, I am also in my third year of a theology degree at Laidlaw Collage. I have been involved in youth ministry in the church for about 4 or 5 years now and have been attending a Presbyterian church since I was around 12 years old. I feel that taking part in the General Assembly would be a good experience for me to extend my understanding of the way the church works – this especially as I will likely be applying for further ministry training in the future.

Josh - GA 2

Hannah North: Glenfield Presbyterian Church

I am currently attending Glenfield Presbyterian and work in the office as administrator on Friday’s. Previously I was congregating at Mahurangi Presbyterian Church in Warkworth for about six years and have been a large part of the youth ministry, mainly the senior youth, and community ministries, focusing mainly on at risk intermediate aged girls, throughout my time there.


This would be an awesome opportunity to be a part of the Presbyterian Church in the wider context. I have been a part of the Presbyterian community in New Zealand for some time now and would like to be a constructive influence within a larger church setting. I am currently studying theology part time at Laidlaw and working full time, with the intension of going into ordination at some point and would love to see more of the inner workings of the Presbyterian system.

Hannah - GA 2

Eunice Hiew: Massey Presbyterian Church

I have been involved with a Massey Presbyterian Church for over a decade and I have loved it. The capacities in which I have been involved have included (but are not restricted to) the following: Congregation member, youth group member, Evangelism Explosion attendee, youth group keyboardist/pianist, church keyboardist/pianist, wedding helper, night church attendee, Christmas Drive Thru helper … and perhaps most meaningfully of all, family and friend.


I would love to be able to serve my church family by being present as a young adult commissioner, and fulfilling the wider responsibilities associated with this as well as I can.

Eunice - GA 2

Iona Robinson: Somervell Presbyterian Church

I have been involved in youth work at my church, Somervell Presbyterian, since I was 14 and have been attending Hunua Easter Camp for 10 years. For the past five years I have been a leader at Hunua, the past two as a senior leader. I have currently stepped into running my church’s Junior Youth program (11-14) as well as helping the church run various church-wide community events including the Christmas Eve services, the Halloween Light Party, an Op Shop Ball, quiz nights and amazing races.


I deeply care about the church and its future and am interested in the processes that guide our church and the decision making involved. I would like to understand what happens in the high levels of the church and be involved in that process, so that I can better work with my church and youth and shape our Christian community.

Iona - GA