Youth Forum

On Saturday 14th July 2018 the Northern Presbytery Council met and approved the Youth Forum as an official work group of Northern Presbytery. Council also approved that everyone on the Youth Forum are members of Presbytery and therefore can vote at the full Presbytery meetings. This is a very exciting step in involving young people in the wider church and encouraging them to have a voice!


There are officially 13 youth leaders from 14 different Parishes in the Youth Forum from Northern Presbytery (it was open to one youth leader per Parish in Northern Presbytery). The Youth Forum will meet once every two months where the two co-convenors will lead any discussion or business items on the agenda. Thank-you to everyone who helped shaped this group and we look forward to the near future!

You can view the profiles of the Youth Forum below. If you would like more information of this group or if you would like to become a member (if you are a youth leader in a Northern Presbytery) please contact Emma Page:


Northern Presbytery – Youth Forum

Profiles (14 members)




Name: Abagail Fullemann

Parish: Papakura East Presbyterian Church

Hi, I am Abby Fullemann. I am the Assistant Minister at Papakura East. My role includes, leading our Youth Group, Preaching, Worship leading and overseeing our Youth Intern. I have been involved in life at East and specifically the youth for 5+ years. I am intrigued and excited to be part of the Youth Forum and hope that my experience at GA and as an Elder, will enhance and equip me as one of the co-convenors of the Forum. I want the youth and youth leaders to know they are part of a wider church and are able to have a voice within the church – this hopefully will enable them to be an integral part of the PCANZ going forward.


Name: Ming Xie

Parish: St Heliers Presbyterian Church

Hi my name is Ming Xie and I work at St Heliers Presbyterian Church and Community Centre as a Youth worker and Children & Family Ministry Coordinator. I am original from Taiwan, a lovely island country. I believe in the Gospel is the life-changing power and Jesus is the source of it all.

I like to spend time with children and young people, through caring and sharing, the Love of God is here. I believe this youth forum can become a living platform for young people to connect with each other.

Name: Sarah Crocombe

Parish: Mahurangi Presbyterian Church, Warkworth  

I wear a lot of hats in my role:  24/7 Youth Worker & Team Leader at Mahurangi College, Community Youth Worker for Mahu Vision Trust running a program for at risk girls as well as my church role and supervising Youth Ministry Interns.  I am passionate about seeing young people rooted deep in their faith, as we nurture their roots and step back and watch them grow and develop. I am excited to see how we can develop, grow and strengthen youth ministry in the northern presbytery. Development of leadership and encouraging youth ministry as a vocation for youth workers to settle into long term.

Name: Josh Dunne

Parish: Glenfield Presbyterian Church

Hi, my name is Josh and I the youth minister at Glenfield Presbyterian and have been involved there for a little over two years now. And I am really looking forward to the closer ties and shearing of vision and ideas that this Youth Forum has the ability to bring to Northern Presbytery

Name: Stephanie White

Parish: Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church

I have been involved in youth leadership for about 3 1/2 years now, first in a voluntary capacity and now in a part-time role as the key youth leader. I am passionate about our youth, and love walking through life beside them, growing them into committed passionate Christ lovers and followers who will take up the torch when I move on. I am excited for what Christ is doing and is going to do in His Church, and I want to be part of it. The Youth Forum is such a great opportunity to share experience and energy, wisdom and passion. I want to be part of it and bring my young people’s voices somewhere where they can be heard.


Name: Hannah North

Parish: Greyfriars Presbyterian Church

I’m the youth and young adults’ worker at Greyfriars Eden Epsom Presbyterian Church. I enjoy working on creating healthy relationships between young people and God themselves and the wider community because of this I am excited to be part of this forum as I can see it impacting not just the church and the youth I am involved with but also other Presbyterian youths.

Name: Mindy Simpson

Parish: St Andrews, Waiuku

Hi my name is Mindy and I am the Parish assistant at St Andrews, Waiuku. I am looking forward to being part of the forum, getting to know other members, sharing resources, knowledge and stories.



Name: Mevia Faletoese

Parish: PIPC Newton  

I’m Mevia Faletoese and I serve at PIPC Newton. I’ve been involved in youth ministry for about 4 years. I’m excited for the vision that this Youth Forum has to bring our young people together through fellowship and community. But most importantly, I’m looking forward to the inter-generational relationships that will be formed through Youth Forum and beyond.

Name: Andrea Daniel

Parish: St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Symonds Street

Hiya! My name is Andrea. One part daughter-sister-friend, one part early childhood student teacher, one part burger-lover, one part youth leader of St Andrew’s First, and wholly a child and follower of God! Stepping into this new role of being youth leader, I’m excited (only slightly nervous) to see what plans God has for our youth group and how He plans to use me for His work! I pray that this Youth Forum could be a platform for us youth leaders to gather and share our thoughts and ideas, and be a place of support and encouragement. I definitely am looking forward to see God’s hands work through and in this forum, and the changes that are yet to come.

Name: Fran Chapman

Parish: Clevedon Presbyterian Church

My name is Fran Chapman and I’m from Clevedon Presbyterian. I have been involved in various ministries throughout the church for many years and have recently taken on the organisation of the youth group with support from my husband Simon. I’m looking forward to working with other youth leaders across the Northern Presbytery Regions, sharing ideas with each other and supporting each other in our ministries.

Name: Iona Robinson

Parish: Somervell Presbyterian Church

 Hi! My name is Iona Robinson. I am currently training to be a high school teacher and volunteer as the youth leader at Somervell Presbyterian Church. I have been born and raised within the church, the daughter of two ordained ministers. I have been involved in the wider church for several years now, being an active participant in PYM events and attending General Assembly as a youth commissioner. I also have been attending Hunua Easter Camp for over a decade and am currently one of the directors. I am passionate about getting more youth involved in the Presbyterian Church and ensuring that the national church is a church that welcomes all and is future-focused. I believe that through active participation of youth, those things can be achieved. I also love meeting and chatting with other youth leaders!

Name: Bronwynn Croxford

Parish: Howick Presbyterian Church

Hi my name is Bronwynn Croxford and I am from sunny South Africa! I am the children’s and youth pastor at Howick Presbyterian Church and am looking forward to being one of the members of the Youth Forum. I am excited to see what God is going to do with this group and I look forward to our first meeting!