Youth Ministry Consultancy

Northern Presbytery Youth Ministry offers a Youth Ministry Consultancy process. In short, this process involves Emma Page (Northern Presbytery Youth Coordinator) and Matt Chamberlin (PYM National Director) meeting with you and your youth leader (if you currently have one) at certain times during the year to chat about the current youth ministry systems and structures at your church. At the start of the process different members of your church will be asked to complete an online youth ministry survey. The responses from this survey will provide the base for further conversation with a smaller group and ongoing conversation throughout the year. This is just a glimpse of what is involved and will be explained in more detail when we meet.

We are very excited about what is already taking place in the youth ministry of Northern Presbytery and want to nurture and grow what currently exists, while providing some helpful suggestions if necessary. As we want this process to suit the needs of your church and youth ministry, the process will look different in certain ways with every church who participates.

This process was created by Murray Brown (Central Presbytery Coordinator) and is now being offered in all the regions. We piloted this process with two churches from Northern Presbytery last year and they have shared a short statement of their experience below.

Clevedon Presbyterian Church

” We participated in the youth consultancy early in 2016 and found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. The consultancy provides a structure to reflect on the ministry you lead, and invites members of the wider church community to be involved and have a voice. Emma & Matt were fantastic at facilitating the consultation, and offered objective, practical, and positive encouragement and guidance throughout the process. It left me feeling much more empowered and supported, both by my congregation, and by the wider Presbyterian Church”.

Glendowie Presbyterian Church

“The Youth Consultancy process was an effective tool in assessing the effectiveness of our program as well as providing work-ons to bring the best out of this vital ministry.”

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Emma Page at: